Short Story 1

Darkness is a strange substance, like ice it has three states solid, liquid, and gas, but with a twist. Since it is a sort of mystical material, it doesn’t fall under the laws of science, only able to change states by the user.

In solid form it’s almost completely black aside from a very tiny shade of red at its centre, like a candle in the dark, when a non-user touches it it’s like getting winded, if hit by a sharp point it will penetrate and quickly infect.

As a liquid its thick, sticky, and has a pungent smell of ink, it can act like quicksand or just plain coat and suffocate people.

As a gas it’s quite strange it is able to pass through solid material with ease, suffocate, and eat away like acid. As a whole Darkness is an odd thing.

Evangeline was a special girl who knew what the world was capable of. Her blonde locks glistened in the sun. Her lips were red like the blood of her enemies. Evangeline’s eyes were unusual; it was like fresh grass-green that swirled into an Atlantic blue.

Evangeline was not an ordinary girl. She craved the touch of power. It was an illusion she always desired. A mirage of her dreams.

Evangeline’s mother always told her to stay away from the darkness lurking around the world. The darkness is capable of evil things. Where people can’t be saved.

After that talk the mother had with Evangeline she gave her a locket. This locket was engraved with a Latin phrase “Evadere Fata” which translates to Escape our Fate. Evangeline didn’t know what it meant.

This had a special meaning to her mother, but Evangeline knew nothing, she just thought it was an heirloom. Evangeline was oblivious to the dark world.

Wendy Rams always believed in Light trumps Darkness. She was the epitome of beauty. Her olive skin complemented her rustic auburn hair.Wendy’s eyes did not match her appearance. Her eyes were grey, like a blade on a knife. Wendy’s eyes were soulless; she was hiding something. Something important, Wendy was the decadent of the Great Witch of Turkey, Witch Adelaide. She was a smart one, everyone in the village envied her and her power.  After thousands of years her powers lied in Wendy. Her father always kept her locked up, so the bad people don’t get her. She never saw the world for what it was for. Wendy’s dad told her poisonous things about the world and the people.

Charlie Max was just a normal girl. She lived at home, going to school and doing work. Charlie had jet black hair and her eyes were piercing blue. Her lips were pink like faint roses. She was good at keeping secrets, she knew everything about everyone. The darkness intrigued her.

These girls were all connected. Not by blood and not by friendship.  They were connected by power, magic. They all had something special about them.  Wendy had the light, Evangeline had the power, but she wanted more and Charlie had the darkness. The girls were all in their own world.

Darkness was in all the girls; they just didn’t know it. It was what they did with it that made it important.  They could either fight it or let the darkness control them. Evangeline and Wendy fought unknowingly, but with Charlie liked the darkness.These girls were the Trinity of Ivy. They all had a power. It was about time that they would meet.  But, they have to be careful, their powers can control their souls.

Only two powerful entities can control them. Twilight faded into blackness. The stars came out, they glistened in the sky, the moon illuminated the ever green treesEvangeline noticed that the sky become even darker than usual. Her locket glowed, she knew something important was going to happen. Later that night Evangeline went to the forest to explore the night sky. She had a feeling that her fate might be her destiny.

Wendy made a break for it, she left her dad. She was running for her dear life. She made it to a forest where trees were as tall as skyscrapers. She settled down and stared was practicing her magic. Her powers grew stronger. Wendy felt the fire in her soul. The powers indulged into her soul. She was finally one with them.

Charlie needed space from the world. Charlie hated the fact that she loved seeing people in pain. The darkness was controlling her. She needed to think. So she went to the forest behind her house, she just wanted to get lost.

Evangeline noticed lights in the distance, and a girl by herself. She weaved her way through the branches, and stood behind a big tree. She heard this mysterious girl say “Con oídos para oír y ojos para ver hacer la noche más fácil de ver”. (With ears to hear and eyes to see make the night easier to see)Evangeline noticed how at peace she was at. Somehow she wanted that.  Evangeline jumped out behind the tree and tackled the girl.

Charlie heard the rustling in the distance and she was intrigued. She made her way through the trees to only find a blonde girl being pinned down by a red-headed girl.

“What are you guys doing!” Charlie shouted. She was surprised to see to girls fighting.

“She was saying speaking in a different tongue!”  Evangeline yelled back.

Deep down Evangeline wanted that power.

“I was not; I was casting a spell to see why the night sky is so dark.” Wendy fired back.

“Where are my manners I’m Wendy and that is Evangeline” Wendy said politely.

“How do you know my name?” Evangeline asked.

“I’m a witch and I can also read minds.” Wendy said with grace

“Well then I’m Charlie” She said waving my hand. Deep down Charlie wanted to end her.

Wendy could see the darkness in her eyes, but she refused to say anything.

Out of nowhere thunder was clapping above them. The trees grew larger and wider creating a canopy above them, keeping the girls trapped in the forest.

The air became thick, it had a pungent smell of ink. The air was ready to suffocate people. The stars were hiding in plain sight and the moon was the only thing that was illuminating the black sky. The moon was smiling at the girls, like it was mocking them.

Then this man comes down from above. He had white piercing eyes, that could poison your soul. His lips were a pale pink like a dead rose. He knew girls. He planned this. He was one of a kind.

He was waiting for this moment all his life. As he was getting closer the girls were already drifting apart.

“Why, hello their girls!” This man said with a smirk

“W-w-who are you? “Said Charlie quivering. Deep down she knew who he was, but she was just too scared to admit it.

“I’m Lucifer. And I am here to see all of you burn in my Kingdom” he said laughing.

As Lucifer lifted his finger, Wendy started chanting a spell and it sounded familiar to Evangeline.

“Evadere Fata” Wendy chanted.

“Evadere Fata” Evangeline joined in with power. The power between the girls were like a magnet. They connected.

She felt fulfilled, this was her destiny. Evangeline was in a trance. She felt one with herself.

The world was in her hands. She had to fight the evil. She could have chosen to let go, but she didn’t. She fought, for her life and for herself.

Charlie was still confused on what was happening. The darkness was taking over her soul. She couldn’t get away from it. Her soul didn’t fight it. The darkness was becoming apart of her. He was the evilness in Charlie’s eyes.

She joined Lucifer.

She started casting a spell, she didn’t even know she could.

Once Lucifer noticed this drastic change in her, he joined in with Charlie. The girls couldn’t defeat the both of them but they kept on trying.

Charlie was gone her soul had been changed.

“Puellae vitas finem” (End the lives) Lucifer and Charlie shouted together.

There darkness was strong, it has been years since the world has witness this kind of evil magic. Lucifer hadn’t been so powerful, he liked this power, he loved the attention and he loved the girl. s

In that moment, the world stood still. The silence was deafening.

And just like that, the moment was still. Pain was all they felt. The girls knew that their life was over. That death was already to take them. Blackness filled their eyes. They were gone.

Lucifer got what he wanted and maybe even more. He also got the girl.














Scene 2



Evangeline – Is it bad that I don’t want to forget…what I had with him? I can’t believe, I actually fell in love with him.

Jack  – It’s not bad… to remember, but it is always good to know why you did what you did and who you helped you become the person you are today. Never forget the changes you made to help yourself grow. (LOOKS DEEPLY IN HER EYES WITH PASSION) I would like to tell you there is an explanation, that all of this happened the way the it did, but there is none.

Evangeline – Who are you Jack Nickelsin?

Jack – ( CHUCKLES)  What do you mean?

Evangeline – You just come out of the blue, helping me, making me feel better. So what’s your deal?

Jack – Well I understand what it is like to have a broken heart (PAUSE) I understand the pain of being alone, but I try to think on the bright side and how this experience will make me into a better person. (CHUCKLES ) And I like helping people, I think it’s exciting to understand other people’s thoughts and their personality.

Evangeline – Definitely not what I expected.

Jack – So who are you, darling? (SMIRKS)

Evangeline – …  Well, I was born in Oxford as well in 1992. I love learning, I love knowing new information. Uhmm… I have an older sister, Jasey, she has a wonderful husband and she is a soon to be mum. And I’m just trying to find myself, in this cruel world.

Jack – Cute. So who was the douche bag that let you go?

Evangeline – Well that douche bag’s name is Max. I went to university with him, my first ever love. We met in the library, I accidentally dropped all the books I had, he helped me pick them up and then he walked me to my dorm. And the crazy thing is that I cared too much.

(START WHIMPERING)I know, its sounds so cliché. It is so crazy… how time can change people. I didn’t think I would be in so much pain. I’m so stupid for even falling for him.(STARTS  CRYING)

Jack – Hey… H..H..Hey

( CARESSES CHEEK, WHIPES CHEEK) It is going to be okay, love might hurt you, but you can fight it. I think you’re strong enough to fight it. What did he do to hurt you


Evangeline – Well… Max cheated . Sadly, he did it with one of my best friends, (TAKES DEEP BREATHE) he told me he loved her and he couldn’t be with me anymore . He did it for a year. I walked on him, banging my friend.

Jack – Evangeline, darling I am so sorry. Pain is something we can take and slowly make it into something beautiful.

Evangeline – Don’t be, I was foolish to be with him. And as you said before I am going to learn from it.

Jack – Hey! Look you listened.

Evangeline – ( CHUCKLES BETWEEN SOBS) For a stranger, you know how to make it feel like I known you for years.

Jack – I’m not a stranger anymore, I am your friend. ( A LIGHT SMILE COMES ON HIS FACE) (DIRECT EYE CONTACT )(MOMENT)

Evangeline –  So Jack, who was stupid enough to break your heart?

Jack – Lets just say she left me for someone who was better… looking, better personality. I remember we were together for 5 years, my high school sweet heart. We had big plans together. But after a while her plans changed and I wasn’t in them.(HARD CHUCKLE) God, I still remember her smile.(TIGHTLY CLOSES EYES)


Jack – ( LOOKS AT HER WITH GLASSY EYES. WHISPERS)  But what do I know. Sometimes the pain just controls us.

Evangeline – And we have to fight it.

Jack – Darling, these are our misadventures .



Scene 1

Scene 1


Evangeline – You  hurt me, really badly. I hope you can live with yourself… Goodbye (Cries)


Jack – Here, let me help you with that. Jack NIcklesin, nice meeting you.

Evangeline – Evangeline, please to meet you. You don’t have to… uh help me, I got this. This is my problem to deal with. But, thank you.

Jack  – You don’t have this under control, let me help you…. (GRABS BAGS FROM HER) Sometimes you need to face all the problems. And you can’t just escape them. The problems you face make you become a better person. Don’t let that trick you, darling.

Evangeline – How do you even stay positive, in a rough situation? …You scare me Jack Nicklesin

Jack – (CHUCKLES) I think about times that could happen if I think positive and, what will happen if I think negative. Lets just say, I think about the outcomes of what will happen.

Evangeline – The world is a dangerous place , you can’t place your life chances with probability Jack Nicklesin

Jack – Darling sometimes it’s the risks we take, that make us become who we are, and I’m willing to take this risk of probability.

Evangeline – You’re not like the others. You’re a chance taker. I like it… So why help me.

Jack – Should I even ask… ( LOOKS AT HER WITH SORROW)

Evangeline – Please don’t, I really don’t need your pity. I just want to be alone with my thoughts.

Jack – I will not pity you (PAUSE, LOOK INTO HER EYES), I promise. …( PAUSES)…You can’t be alone when you upset, I’ll keep you company. (GIVES SMALL SMILE)

 Evangeline – I don’t even know you. Why should I let a stranger, give me company. Like you will help me.

Jack – Well Miss Evangeline, I was born in Oxford in 1991. I have an older brother named Riley and he has a stunning wife and two kids… There we are not strangers anymore. (SMIRKS)

Evangeline – How do I know you’re not a serial killer?

Jack – If I was serial killer, I would have kidnapped you and killed already.

Evangeline – Sadly, that is a true statement. (CHUCKLES), well come on Jack Nickelsin, let’s go.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

People, treat us differently to others, just because we wear black clothes or our hair is dyed, they judge us without knowing who we really are. I am one of those people who loves to wear band merch and rock out to my music in my room.  People judge me all the time. That is one of my biggest fears, to be judged. People should not be scared to do different things or to be who they really are.

We are already scared to explore the world don’t make us more scared of ourselves. This makes me think that, what if we leave what if we just want to disappear. Who’s fault would that be ours or theirs. They made us feel terrible about ourselves. They made us second guess our own existence. Who will be held for our disappearance.

Sometimes the fiction has more facts. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge…  We are hurt, destroyed and broken. Sometimes we want to see the revenge, they must understand what we felt, the pain.

So should I stay or should I go…


A message to brown eyed girls

Yes, her eyes are blue. Yes, every love song is about them. Every poem compares them to the sea. But you, you have eyes of amber and onyx. Your eyes are gold, people desperately try to pull them from the ground. Her eyes may hold depth of the ocean but your eyes carry a weight too heavy for the ocean sweep away into its abyss. Your eyes are anything but ordinary.


I hate it with a passion. But in reality I have to deal with it. I was told that in a year or so I will be moving I was excited but shocked.

I’m not ready to let go of what I have, I’m scared to be forgotten. I want to escape and start new but I don’t know. I’m afraid of staying goodbye I’m afraid of the new. I know it is  good to be around new things, and its healthy to try new things. I’m scared that people will forget, what if I forget.I don’t want to forget. I want to remember, the memories the good and the bad. I don’t want to let go. I’m scared, if I let go, will I get left behind. Stuck in the past


Will my friends still remember me in 10 years I don’t know what to do. I know I will be close to my sister but I’m leaving behind everything ,family, friends and memories. I’m not ready to move on. I know it is apart of life and I have to deal with it. I’m an emotional wreck. I’ll be moving across the world from everything know. I am so scared.



Will I be okay, I don’t know, hopefully ?

Change sometimes is a good thing and sometimes it is bad but for reason to help us become a better person…


Them vs Us

Society is a pain in the ass. It controls us in a way that we hate on each other. In reality that destroys people’s will to live and succeed.

One thing that is always in my mind is that ” stand up what you believe in, even if it means standing alone”. What I learned growing up is that people will hate on you, trust me I was on the verge of wanting to end it all with the hate. But after realising that ignoring them can help so much. This chick hated me she wrote  a book on Wattpad saying how I betrayed her and in school I am the emo kid that stills listening to MCR and that says a lot.

But in the end people change us even though if it is  good or bad. People say let go of the past it will distract you from the future. I say keep the past, it might be dreadful but it is apart of who you are. Your past shapes you into becoming the best person you are. And I think that makes  us different `than them.

A frontman of Pierce The Veil said “Just wait things out. Things won’t be bad forever. I promise”.

Have faith.

I’m alive

When I was a young I was very sick, I had allergies, asthma but it was to the point where I was rushed to the hospital.

My sickness took over me then when I was nine when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis. It was terrible, I was starting to gain weight, I was getting really tired, bad muscle pain but, the worst was the depression  and it killed me emotionally.

I remember when I was 10 and I couldn’t go out side for 2 months because I was Allergic to grass and trees it made me feel like I was dying.

I didn’t know what do with myself. I have asthma and that is the tipoff the ice burg, I had to be on steroids for 10 years, lets just say it was hard for me. I had to deal with a lot of body shaming in school, and also having depression just kicked  me down even more.

Earlier this year this went to a specialist and was diagnosed with diabetes. This means I couldn’t eat like other people. I could only eat protein and veg, so no carbs and no sugars.

Then I’m also under the high chance of blood clotting, so that’s fun…

I had to stay positive it was very hard, but I did it after all these years I’m actually alive. Stay positive guys. Find inspiration to live. If I can do it anybody can do it.




Music Pt 2

Music is our soundtrack to our lives. It keeps us going to the end of our time. Music gives us great musicians and great bands. And they gives great quotes to live by.

“When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end you end up polished and they end up useless.”
― Andy Biersack BVB

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone.”                                        ― Andy Biersack BVB

“Never underestimate a girl’s love for her favorite band. Never think even for a minute, that she won’t defend them to her death. Because it’s not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It’s the guys, the gals. It’s the fans. People whom of which she has interacted with thanks to the band. That band might of saved her life, or just made her smile everyday. That band has never broke her heart and has yet to leave her. No wonder she finds such joy in her music.”
―Alex Gaskarth  ATL

“6 feet under stars is a place that doesn’t exist. It’s a place in your mind where everything and anything is possible. It’s a place with no rules or limitations. It’s a place where only 2 people can be at a time where no one can judge them and no one can try to break them apart”
― Alex Gaskarth ATL

“Failure should be a way of learning not a lifestyle”                                                                             -RM

Bands helps us in ways we don’t see it. They keep us positive and going in our everyday lives. Things like these don’t get recognized, but in a fandom everything gets recognized. so thank you music for keeping me going in my dark times.