Pierce The Veil

I love Pierce The Veil. They are awesome. Vic Fuentes – Vocals, Guitarist, Mike Fuentes – Drums, Jamie Preciado-  Base and Tony Perry  – Lead Guitar.

This band helped me a lot in my life and they helped  a lot of o
ther people as well. From memes to tumblr and to Fuciado, this band has done everything.


Pierce The Veil has 4 albums out already : A Flair for the Dramatic, Selfish Machines, Collide with Sky and Misadventures. They even made a movie made called ‘This is a Wasteland’. They are doing amazing .

Now here’s a little story from my side:I fell in love with their 2nd album in 2013, then I found the third. Lets just say I was in love with their sound.

Be inspired like how I was

Checkout their music on Youtube: Pierce The Veil – YouTube

Here are their social links:

Pierce The Veil (@piercetheveil) | Twitter

Pierce The Veil | Facebook

Pierce The Veil (@piercetheveil) • Instagram photos and videos






I Prevail

I recently fell in love with this band they are amazing. The members of the band are Eric Vanlerberghe – Vocalist, Brian Burkheiser  – Vocalist,  Steve Menoian – Guitarist, Dylan Bowman – Vocalist and Guitarist and Lee Runestad – Drummer.


These guys are currently touring with Pierce The Veil and Neck Deep. I Prevail also have an album coming out. ‘Lifelines’ it will come out on the 21 October if you pre-order it now you can get 3 songs. My personal favourite song that’s already out is Scars and Come and Get It.

The album is very motivating, ‘Lifelines’ tells us that we should be positive and be motivated to do things we want to do. Don’t spend it doing nothing. Do something that will inspire you. These guys want the best for their fans.

Get inspired with their music, here is there music video for Scars:

I Prevail – Scars (Official Music Video)

Here is all their social links

I Prevail (@IPrevailBand) | Twitter

I Prevail (@iprevailband) • Instagram photos and videos

I Prevail | Facebook



Let’s Get Started

This is my first ever blog post. I want to start this off by you getting to know me. My name is Radds and I was born in New Jersey USA after three years of living there I moved to Johannesburg South Africa. I lived here for a long time. I had a lot of ups and down, to help me in this time I turned to music. I found a  lot of musicians and bands, that helped me a lot. So I made this blog for people who can find inspiration with music.