Pierce The Veil

I love Pierce The Veil. They are awesome. Vic Fuentes – Vocals, Guitarist, Mike Fuentes – Drums, Jamie Preciado-  Base and Tony Perry  – Lead Guitar.

This band helped me a lot in my life and they helped  a lot of o
ther people as well. From memes to tumblr and to Fuciado, this band has done everything.


Pierce The Veil has 4 albums out already : A Flair for the Dramatic, Selfish Machines, Collide with Sky and Misadventures. They even made a movie made called ‘This is a Wasteland’. They are doing amazing .

Now here’s a little story from my side:I fell in love with their 2nd album in 2013, then I found the third. Lets just say I was in love with their sound.

Be inspired like how I was

Checkout their music on Youtube: Pierce The Veil – YouTube

Here are their social links:

Pierce The Veil (@piercetheveil) | Twitter

Pierce The Veil | Facebook

Pierce The Veil (@piercetheveil) • Instagram photos and videos






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