Dye Young

Dye young is a new band that recently came into the world, they already have an EP and an old single. These guys did it all by themselves. There are three members in the band: Austin Shawn  – Lead Singer, Guitarist, Joyce Aboytes – Drums and August Mota – Bass.


Dye Young started small and they are slowly getting to the top. They normally do small concerts here and their but, from what I hear these guys are killing it. Their first single was called ‘101 Romantics’ this single is a single to remember, this band has a lot up their sleeve.

‘Accidents Happen’ is an amazing start for an EP. They had asked their fans (dyemonds) to pick out the name for them. It was a start of something new. I wish them all the best.


Get inspired with their music

Dye Young- Romantics 101 (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Here are there social links:

Dye Young (@dyeyoungband) | Twitter

Dye Young (@dyeyoungband)’s Instagram Profile on Tofo.me …

Dye Young | Facebook


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