Music Changed Me

The first band I ever loved was R5, for me they were different from others. I was a fan from when they used to have colour coordinated concerts,  when Rydel wore tutus and before Ross starred on Disney Channel. These are members of R5 Riker, Ratliff,Rocky, Rydel and Ross. This band was awesome, they had R5TV I watched al the episodes I had all their music it was crazy. But, one thing that bugged me for good was that they changed they got more popular


The looks changed the music was more the label telling them what to do. I miss the old band. R5 was my life it made me feel awesome.


One thing with me is that I didn’t want people at school to know that I listened to them. I was scared of being judged. So like the girl I was I kept it to myself. Then after a while they started coming on TV and my friends started noticing them and they started liking them. I was upset in a way where I would think that my friends were stealing something I loved like the band wasn’t mine anymore. Stuff like this threw me off. After that situation I never told anybody what I listened to. My love for the band was crazy.

Then it kicked me in the ass, people have to change, music will change and that’s apart of life. It was really hard for me to let go but I did. It was agood run with the band…

Comment your first band story that changed you.

Ready 5et Rock


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