Before You Exit Make A Difference

Before You Exit is a small town band from Orlando Florida, they toured with All Time Low for a short period of time, The Vamps, Christina Grimmie, All Star Weekend and many more. This is not a band review this is their story.

In the beginning the members were Thomas Silvers, Braiden Wood, Connor McDonough. Later on Connor’s brother joined the band, Riley and after a few years they added their youngest brother Toby. After a year or 2 Braiden ended up leaving, so he could have a solo career the guys were very proud of him for chasing his dreams.


After Braiden left they needed another member so they added Ryan filled in for 2 years  (2014-2016) and he needed to focus on his own band Blame Candy and surprisingly they are doing well.


The band went through a lot of changes in the past 7 years. They did a lot of tours, travelled the world. Now here comes the sad part. Early 2016 they had toured with Christina Grimmie for her music and towards the end Christina toured with BYE for their music. They were in Orlando for a concert and after the concert we lost a beautiful soul, the band/family members were lost with words and emotions. Christina Grimmie was an amazing and kind soul the boys loved her. Everyone was devastated.  She will defiantly be missed.

Before You Exit had a rough year. But it made them into better people. This brought them even closer together as a family. Currently they are writing and album in Malibu. They are going strong.

When I discovered BYE I had a Nokia Lumia so a touch screen and I didn’t  know how to download music so I got a music app and downloaded music for free. I was searching for R5 (of course) and Before You Exit came u I heard I Like That and I was like its okay. Then after awhile I remembered the name, I Googled it and I fell in love with their music afterwards.  It’s hard to find a muse and with this band I found my muse. After I heard they toured with All Time Low I fell in love with them and without BYE I wouldn’t even be here.before-you-exit.jpg

So thank you Before You Exit, I think you Made a Difference with me.



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