That’s the thing about it, we don’t know whats going to come next. People say it’s a dream others say its God telling us something but I say it’s a reason we have. It’s an abyss. I read a book and it ended in a way where I just cried and it made me think. What if someone out there is just meant for me sibling or lover, we never really know.

Self acceptance is key. But sometimes you someone to love you to feel accepted and sometimes it works. I always dreamed to have someone who actually cares for me. I think that finding my soul mate is a myth, then I look at some relationships and wonder ‘how do they keep going strong?’ they talk to each other and that’s important in a relationship.

Maybe it is just an illusion, only to mess up our lives. With my luck I can understand, I’d normally say ‘God help me’ but nothing. I never experienced a big happy moment in my life. I remember I had a dog, a Husky named Michael they took him away from my sister and I, within weeks. I miss Michael.

Maybe we just need someone to pick us up when we’re down. I need a soldier. The world is like a battle field I need someone to help me win this fight. I can’t win this fight alone. And maybe he is somewhere out there.

Sorry for rambling in this I needed to let it out.

Thanks for sticking to the end

I appreciate it, you have no idea…


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