Other Kids

All the other kids are no different from us, just a little confused and looking love.

Music is my muse. It keeps me going everyday. I think without music I wouldn’t be here. trust me, I’ve been through a lot.  I always had the dream to be a musician, playing bass with my band and hearing the crowd sing back the lyrics I wrote.

But, reality kicked me in the ass. and I was told I couldn’t do that and I had to choose something that will get me far.

It’s very hard when you want to accomplish something when your parents disapprove of it.But, I guess that’s apart of life.

One thing that I learned from my music idols is that you should not be afraid of living and sometimes you have to walk the world alone ( if you’re true MCR fans you would where this is from).

Other kids. Sometimes they are better than us, and sometimes they are like us, hopeless dreamers. We all want the same things, to find happiness. But some of us want hope and freedom. We want to be different, we want to learn and strive.

But sometimes we have to fall to know how to get up and start again.

Music a piece of my soul. My saviour.

I’m just like the other kids, just looking for love.


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