This band shaped me to the person I am today, I became a member of this family in 2014, and it was very hard for me because I knew that I will never scream back the lyrics that helped me to them in concert.  Yes I know I joined the fam late, but I’m having fun and enjoying the ride of the MCR.

So yesterday I  saw the video for ‘The Ghost Of You’ for the first time and I cried. It makes you think that one band can make you feel amazing things. This band has a sound that no one has, this band started it all. MCR makes me feel at home and at peace with everything. MCR is one of two bands that makes me calm in a tough situation.

When I joined the Fam it was hard to deal that they broke up. Then few years later MCRX. This changed everything. This was a reprise of The Black Parade and I was crazy this was my joy. Lets just say this band, a phenomenon helped me become better.

So thank you My Chemical Romance for being there when I needed you.


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