Scene 1

Scene 1


Evangeline – You  hurt me, really badly. I hope you can live with yourself… Goodbye (Cries)


Jack – Here, let me help you with that. Jack NIcklesin, nice meeting you.

Evangeline – Evangeline, please to meet you. You don’t have to… uh help me, I got this. This is my problem to deal with. But, thank you.

Jack  – You don’t have this under control, let me help you…. (GRABS BAGS FROM HER) Sometimes you need to face all the problems. And you can’t just escape them. The problems you face make you become a better person. Don’t let that trick you, darling.

Evangeline – How do you even stay positive, in a rough situation? …You scare me Jack Nicklesin

Jack – (CHUCKLES) I think about times that could happen if I think positive and, what will happen if I think negative. Lets just say, I think about the outcomes of what will happen.

Evangeline – The world is a dangerous place , you can’t place your life chances with probability Jack Nicklesin

Jack – Darling sometimes it’s the risks we take, that make us become who we are, and I’m willing to take this risk of probability.

Evangeline – You’re not like the others. You’re a chance taker. I like it… So why help me.

Jack – Should I even ask… ( LOOKS AT HER WITH SORROW)

Evangeline – Please don’t, I really don’t need your pity. I just want to be alone with my thoughts.

Jack – I will not pity you (PAUSE, LOOK INTO HER EYES), I promise. …( PAUSES)…You can’t be alone when you upset, I’ll keep you company. (GIVES SMALL SMILE)

 Evangeline – I don’t even know you. Why should I let a stranger, give me company. Like you will help me.

Jack – Well Miss Evangeline, I was born in Oxford in 1991. I have an older brother named Riley and he has a stunning wife and two kids… There we are not strangers anymore. (SMIRKS)

Evangeline – How do I know you’re not a serial killer?

Jack – If I was serial killer, I would have kidnapped you and killed already.

Evangeline – Sadly, that is a true statement. (CHUCKLES), well come on Jack Nickelsin, let’s go.


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