Scene 2



Evangeline – Is it bad that I don’t want to forget…what I had with him? I can’t believe, I actually fell in love with him.

Jack  – It’s not bad… to remember, but it is always good to know why you did what you did and who you helped you become the person you are today. Never forget the changes you made to help yourself grow. (LOOKS DEEPLY IN HER EYES WITH PASSION) I would like to tell you there is an explanation, that all of this happened the way the it did, but there is none.

Evangeline – Who are you Jack Nickelsin?

Jack – ( CHUCKLES)  What do you mean?

Evangeline – You just come out of the blue, helping me, making me feel better. So what’s your deal?

Jack – Well I understand what it is like to have a broken heart (PAUSE) I understand the pain of being alone, but I try to think on the bright side and how this experience will make me into a better person. (CHUCKLES ) And I like helping people, I think it’s exciting to understand other people’s thoughts and their personality.

Evangeline – Definitely not what I expected.

Jack – So who are you, darling? (SMIRKS)

Evangeline – …  Well, I was born in Oxford as well in 1992. I love learning, I love knowing new information. Uhmm… I have an older sister, Jasey, she has a wonderful husband and she is a soon to be mum. And I’m just trying to find myself, in this cruel world.

Jack – Cute. So who was the douche bag that let you go?

Evangeline – Well that douche bag’s name is Max. I went to university with him, my first ever love. We met in the library, I accidentally dropped all the books I had, he helped me pick them up and then he walked me to my dorm. And the crazy thing is that I cared too much.

(START WHIMPERING)I know, its sounds so cliché. It is so crazy… how time can change people. I didn’t think I would be in so much pain. I’m so stupid for even falling for him.(STARTS  CRYING)

Jack – Hey… H..H..Hey

( CARESSES CHEEK, WHIPES CHEEK) It is going to be okay, love might hurt you, but you can fight it. I think you’re strong enough to fight it. What did he do to hurt you


Evangeline – Well… Max cheated . Sadly, he did it with one of my best friends, (TAKES DEEP BREATHE) he told me he loved her and he couldn’t be with me anymore . He did it for a year. I walked on him, banging my friend.

Jack – Evangeline, darling I am so sorry. Pain is something we can take and slowly make it into something beautiful.

Evangeline – Don’t be, I was foolish to be with him. And as you said before I am going to learn from it.

Jack – Hey! Look you listened.

Evangeline – ( CHUCKLES BETWEEN SOBS) For a stranger, you know how to make it feel like I known you for years.

Jack – I’m not a stranger anymore, I am your friend. ( A LIGHT SMILE COMES ON HIS FACE) (DIRECT EYE CONTACT )(MOMENT)

Evangeline –  So Jack, who was stupid enough to break your heart?

Jack – Lets just say she left me for someone who was better… looking, better personality. I remember we were together for 5 years, my high school sweet heart. We had big plans together. But after a while her plans changed and I wasn’t in them.(HARD CHUCKLE) God, I still remember her smile.(TIGHTLY CLOSES EYES)


Jack – ( LOOKS AT HER WITH GLASSY EYES. WHISPERS)  But what do I know. Sometimes the pain just controls us.

Evangeline – And we have to fight it.

Jack – Darling, these are our misadventures .




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