I am not concerned that you have fallen. I am concerned that you arise. 

He looked at me then, his black eyes drilling into mine. I couldn’t help but think – I’d never seen such dark eyes with so much light in them.

On this moonless night even the silhouettes are gone. The usual friendly smattering of stars is obscured utterly by dense cloud. Ordinarily he would stay in the old bank on a night like this but the Happy Boys took every pharmaceutical in the store. That’s going to be the highest form of currency pretty soon, not to mention he might need the drugs  someday. They are hauled up in what was once the police station. By day they are thick over the streets of the Eastside, armed to the teeth and firing bullets randomly into buildings or at strangers for target practice. He is betting that by evening they are drunk and by night they are passed out. He can’t assume they aren’t smart enough to leave a sentry on duty, so despite the first bite of winter in the air I will have to be slow, silent, unseen.

The blackness takes over his soul leaving him hopeless and numb.



This band shaped me to the person I am today, I became a member of this family in 2014, and it was very hard for me because I knew that I will never scream back the lyrics that helped me to them in concert.  Yes I know I joined the fam late, but I’m having fun and enjoying the ride of the MCR.

So yesterday I  saw the video for ‘The Ghost Of You’ for the first time and I cried. It makes you think that one band can make you feel amazing things. This band has a sound that no one has, this band started it all. MCR makes me feel at home and at peace with everything. MCR is one of two bands that makes me calm in a tough situation.

When I joined the Fam it was hard to deal that they broke up. Then few years later MCRX. This changed everything. This was a reprise of The Black Parade and I was crazy this was my joy. Lets just say this band, a phenomenon helped me become better.

So thank you My Chemical Romance for being there when I needed you.

Other Kids

All the other kids are no different from us, just a little confused and looking love.

Music is my muse. It keeps me going everyday. I think without music I wouldn’t be here. trust me, I’ve been through a lot.  I always had the dream to be a musician, playing bass with my band and hearing the crowd sing back the lyrics I wrote.

But, reality kicked me in the ass. and I was told I couldn’t do that and I had to choose something that will get me far.

It’s very hard when you want to accomplish something when your parents disapprove of it.But, I guess that’s apart of life.

One thing that I learned from my music idols is that you should not be afraid of living and sometimes you have to walk the world alone ( if you’re true MCR fans you would where this is from).

Other kids. Sometimes they are better than us, and sometimes they are like us, hopeless dreamers. We all want the same things, to find happiness. But some of us want hope and freedom. We want to be different, we want to learn and strive.

But sometimes we have to fall to know how to get up and start again.

Music a piece of my soul. My saviour.

I’m just like the other kids, just looking for love.


That’s the thing about it, we don’t know whats going to come next. People say it’s a dream others say its God telling us something but I say it’s a reason we have. It’s an abyss. I read a book and it ended in a way where I just cried and it made me think. What if someone out there is just meant for me sibling or lover, we never really know.

Self acceptance is key. But sometimes you someone to love you to feel accepted and sometimes it works. I always dreamed to have someone who actually cares for me. I think that finding my soul mate is a myth, then I look at some relationships and wonder ‘how do they keep going strong?’ they talk to each other and that’s important in a relationship.

Maybe it is just an illusion, only to mess up our lives. With my luck I can understand, I’d normally say ‘God help me’ but nothing. I never experienced a big happy moment in my life. I remember I had a dog, a Husky named Michael they took him away from my sister and I, within weeks. I miss Michael.

Maybe we just need someone to pick us up when we’re down. I need a soldier. The world is like a battle field I need someone to help me win this fight. I can’t win this fight alone. And maybe he is somewhere out there.

Sorry for rambling in this I needed to let it out.

Thanks for sticking to the end

I appreciate it, you have no idea…

Before You Exit Make A Difference

Before You Exit is a small town band from Orlando Florida, they toured with All Time Low for a short period of time, The Vamps, Christina Grimmie, All Star Weekend and many more. This is not a band review this is their story.

In the beginning the members were Thomas Silvers, Braiden Wood, Connor McDonough. Later on Connor’s brother joined the band, Riley and after a few years they added their youngest brother Toby. After a year or 2 Braiden ended up leaving, so he could have a solo career the guys were very proud of him for chasing his dreams.


After Braiden left they needed another member so they added Ryan filled in for 2 years  (2014-2016) and he needed to focus on his own band Blame Candy and surprisingly they are doing well.


The band went through a lot of changes in the past 7 years. They did a lot of tours, travelled the world. Now here comes the sad part. Early 2016 they had toured with Christina Grimmie for her music and towards the end Christina toured with BYE for their music. They were in Orlando for a concert and after the concert we lost a beautiful soul, the band/family members were lost with words and emotions. Christina Grimmie was an amazing and kind soul the boys loved her. Everyone was devastated.  She will defiantly be missed.

Before You Exit had a rough year. But it made them into better people. This brought them even closer together as a family. Currently they are writing and album in Malibu. They are going strong.

When I discovered BYE I had a Nokia Lumia so a touch screen and I didn’t  know how to download music so I got a music app and downloaded music for free. I was searching for R5 (of course) and Before You Exit came u I heard I Like That and I was like its okay. Then after awhile I remembered the name, I Googled it and I fell in love with their music afterwards.  It’s hard to find a muse and with this band I found my muse. After I heard they toured with All Time Low I fell in love with them and without BYE I wouldn’t even be here.before-you-exit.jpg

So thank you Before You Exit, I think you Made a Difference with me.


Music Changed Me

The first band I ever loved was R5, for me they were different from others. I was a fan from when they used to have colour coordinated concerts,  when Rydel wore tutus and before Ross starred on Disney Channel. These are members of R5 Riker, Ratliff,Rocky, Rydel and Ross. This band was awesome, they had R5TV I watched al the episodes I had all their music it was crazy. But, one thing that bugged me for good was that they changed they got more popular


The looks changed the music was more the label telling them what to do. I miss the old band. R5 was my life it made me feel awesome.


One thing with me is that I didn’t want people at school to know that I listened to them. I was scared of being judged. So like the girl I was I kept it to myself. Then after a while they started coming on TV and my friends started noticing them and they started liking them. I was upset in a way where I would think that my friends were stealing something I loved like the band wasn’t mine anymore. Stuff like this threw me off. After that situation I never told anybody what I listened to. My love for the band was crazy.

Then it kicked me in the ass, people have to change, music will change and that’s apart of life. It was really hard for me to let go but I did. It was agood run with the band…

Comment your first band story that changed you.

Ready 5et Rock

Dye Young

Dye young is a new band that recently came into the world, they already have an EP and an old single. These guys did it all by themselves. There are three members in the band: Austin Shawn  – Lead Singer, Guitarist, Joyce Aboytes – Drums and August Mota – Bass.


Dye Young started small and they are slowly getting to the top. They normally do small concerts here and their but, from what I hear these guys are killing it. Their first single was called ‘101 Romantics’ this single is a single to remember, this band has a lot up their sleeve.

‘Accidents Happen’ is an amazing start for an EP. They had asked their fans (dyemonds) to pick out the name for them. It was a start of something new. I wish them all the best.


Get inspired with their music

Dye Young- Romantics 101 (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Here are there social links:

Dye Young (@dyeyoungband) | Twitter

Dye Young (@dyeyoungband)’s Instagram Profile on Tofo.me …

Dye Young | Facebook

Pierce The Veil

I love Pierce The Veil. They are awesome. Vic Fuentes – Vocals, Guitarist, Mike Fuentes – Drums, Jamie Preciado-  Base and Tony Perry  – Lead Guitar.

This band helped me a lot in my life and they helped  a lot of o
ther people as well. From memes to tumblr and to Fuciado, this band has done everything.


Pierce The Veil has 4 albums out already : A Flair for the Dramatic, Selfish Machines, Collide with Sky and Misadventures. They even made a movie made called ‘This is a Wasteland’. They are doing amazing .

Now here’s a little story from my side:I fell in love with their 2nd album in 2013, then I found the third. Lets just say I was in love with their sound.

Be inspired like how I was

Checkout their music on Youtube: Pierce The Veil – YouTube

Here are their social links:

Pierce The Veil (@piercetheveil) | Twitter

Pierce The Veil | Facebook

Pierce The Veil (@piercetheveil) • Instagram photos and videos





I Prevail

I recently fell in love with this band they are amazing. The members of the band are Eric Vanlerberghe – Vocalist, Brian Burkheiser  – Vocalist,  Steve Menoian – Guitarist, Dylan Bowman – Vocalist and Guitarist and Lee Runestad – Drummer.


These guys are currently touring with Pierce The Veil and Neck Deep. I Prevail also have an album coming out. ‘Lifelines’ it will come out on the 21 October if you pre-order it now you can get 3 songs. My personal favourite song that’s already out is Scars and Come and Get It.

The album is very motivating, ‘Lifelines’ tells us that we should be positive and be motivated to do things we want to do. Don’t spend it doing nothing. Do something that will inspire you. These guys want the best for their fans.

Get inspired with their music, here is there music video for Scars:

I Prevail – Scars (Official Music Video)

Here is all their social links

I Prevail (@IPrevailBand) | Twitter

I Prevail (@iprevailband) • Instagram photos and videos

I Prevail | Facebook



Let’s Get Started

This is my first ever blog post. I want to start this off by you getting to know me. My name is Radds and I was born in New Jersey USA after three years of living there I moved to Johannesburg South Africa. I lived here for a long time. I had a lot of ups and down, to help me in this time I turned to music. I found a  lot of musicians and bands, that helped me a lot. So I made this blog for people who can find inspiration with music.